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5.4 episode

grinding + PvP

Unique PvP modes

Try out our new PvP modes such as: 3 vs 3 / 4 vs 4 Coliseum battles, FFA, Party vs All, Battle Royale

Each of these modes have a well-designed implementation and allow you to get a new experience from the game.

New elemental system

New elemental system

We modified the elemental system and now each player have immediate access to all four elements, without the need to create 4 sets of weapons and armor. Thus, you only need to have one weapon and one armor.

You can also see the icon of the active element in your buffs (enemies don't see it) and you can disable the element by clicking the mouse.

Crafting system

We have a fully working crafting system that will allow you to craft some valuable items from loot.

All that you need is the crafting recipe and required loot. You can select one of available item and make them.

Crafting recipes can be obtained from special NPCs.

Auto events

We have a couple automatic events which allow us to provide you with a number of daily events:

Escorting the Monster, Naked-PvP, FFA, Relic Protection, Goddess Protection and others.

You can see the events schedule when you enter the game or by the "#event" command in the common chat.

Auto-balance system

We have designed an Auto-Balance system that allows us to divide players into two equal teams. This allows you to have PvP even if there is an imbalance of factions. This system works / can be enabled in some locations.

Also we have a system that allows individual players to change factions in real time to ensure equal cross-faction PvP.

Grinding skill

Now there is no need to create a warrior for comfortable farming, because each class has a special skill "Dragon Slayer", which deals high damage to all monsters located near the attacker.

Skill damage does not depends of your attack.

This skill does not work on characters and bosses.

Good starter pack

Even if you joined us some time after our opening, you will receive a starter set of equipment with very good stats.

This kit is can't be modified and valid for 10 days, which will be enough to join the gameplay and even take part in PvP.


Stigma system

Special stigma items, equipping which you get access to special skills. Character build is no longer limited by the distribution of stats.

Weapon skins

There are several weapon skins to choose from, which you can change at any time if you have a special item in your inventory.

Blood shed system

In case of active PvP near the boss, you will have a chance to drop an additional rare loot from the boss.

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